The Best Benchtop Jointer In 2021!

If you are a carpenter or just simply an ordinary individual who loves handcrafting, you might possibly find it difficult to possess the best benchtop jointer. In fact, choosing the most suitable ones for oneself is a mutual concern for almost every carpenter.

Following this blog, you will have an opportunity to skim through top 15 objective benchtop jointer reviews, dig deeper into the FAQ for more useful information about jointer table extensions.

In this review, there are multiple machines from renowned brands including Craftsman’s, Wahuda’s, Vevor’s and many more.

Our Top Pick

Top 15 Best Benchtop Jointer Reviews 2021

1.Grizzly Industrial G9953ZXF

When we talk about Grizzly Industrial Ultimate, the initial thing that we have to mention is that the material is made of cast iron. To be more specific, being made of full durable cast iron construction contributes to a strong base and frame which enhances safety while functioning.

The next feature of the machine is that it can reach the maximum cutting depth of 5/16” and a width up to 16” which is super incredible and outstanding. Not to mention that it has a strong and durable frame to bear the maximum capacity.

Another selling point of Grizzly is that when it is able to operate smoothly, it produces the best large cutting capacity thanks to the five-horsepower three phase and provides the finish as smooth and shiny as a mirror.

The wood jointer is equipped with a helical cutter head, which is the end goal of extreme load machine tools. By using the “spiral” two knife cutter head, the knives will never leave the wood like traditional woodworking jointer. This provides the best surface treatment and a much quieter machine like no other.

Not only can the carbide “blade” be replaced, but each blade also has four cutting edges, which can be rotated 90 degrees to reveal a new cutting edge.


  • High capacity
  • Sturdy frame and design
  • Industrial color 
  • For professional and huge workload only
  • Price is not so ideal 

2.JET JJ-6CSDX 6″ Long Bed Jointer

The coordination and the finish of all the components are marvelous and there is no problem. From the moment you put it together, the positive stop at 90 degrees is obvious. The discharge table is perfectly aligned with the cutting head, so no adjustment is necessary.

You might spend a minute or two masterings the discharge table setting. Once the setting is done, you will understand why the manufacturer installs this feature because it prevents inexperienced carpenters from trying to take depth. But if you are not careful during the initial setup, the stop loss “positive” can become a “wedge” in your place and it is difficult to get out.

Before adjusting the depth of cut on the feed table, be sure to remove the pin and rotate it back into place. Another point is that it gives smooth cuts with the blades being super sharp; therefore, thick boards and planers are just a piece of cake.

Another feature that has the most versatility is a built-in boss shelf. However, with a weight of 107 kg (237 pounds), you might need some strength to carry this monster around. Though heavy as it is, it is made of iron cast iron and alloy steel which provides stability and high protection from damages.


  • High quality material
  • Enhanced base and frame
  • Sharp and smooth cut 
  • Dull color

3.Jet JJ-6HHBT, 6-Inch Helical Head Benchtop Jointer

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The very first thing that we have to mention when we are discussing this model of Jet is the one and only motor which can function with a capacity of more than 10.000 RPM. Furthermore, with that strong power, the machine definitely needs strong supports which are made of cast iron.

The one thing that differentiates the machine from most other ones is the safety feature it has. To be specific, Jet JJ 6 HHBT has a push stick and block and one safety key. Joining wooden boards is not a safe task at all as you can be cut or injured just by a little mistake. Furthermore, the safety feature also prevents your babies from getting hurt.

Last but not least, the cut which this one gives is fantastic since it is set up to produce the best cut and most precise cut ever. It is even more modern than other competitors because there is a blower that is internally integrated. This feature will blow away dust and chips, leaving a clean and clear motor and a spiral cutting head.

The weight is only 71 pounds (32 kg) so it is quite easy to move around on your own. Another great feature is the dust collecting feature. It minimizes the production of debris and dust at your workplace.=

  • Powerful horsepower
  • Safety features
  • Dust collecting feature
  • Sturdy frame, base and support 
  • A small type of wood jointer 

4.JET JWP-13BT, 13-Inch Helical-Style Benchtop Planer

First off, the machine has blades that are super easy and simple to adjust and remove. Moreover, the blades, once sharpened, produce super-clean cuts.

With the body made of steel, the machine can bear average impact and is strong enough to shield internal components from being damaged. The bed which is cast iron material together with the cover made of steel will aid you in making boards even.

Another feature is the high efficiency that Jet brings to its customers. Specifically, the dual feed rate is controlled at eighteen feet per minute or twenty six feet per minute, which can maximize the cutting efficiency of various types of wood.

To refer to the workpiece and casting table to maximize the control and support of the spiral cutter head, Jet comes with four posts and according to many customers, this feature is considered to be one of the best ones.

Last but not least, it is originally designed to be completely portable. This also means that although the material is steel, it is still lightweight enough to bring anywhere you like. Furthermore, being made of steel makes the design and frame seem to be more sleek and futuristic; therefore, bring some style to your workshop.


  • Portable and handy
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek and timeless design 
  • Blades need sharpening 

5.Grizzly Industrial G0813-


You can use this cheap 6″ connector with a built-in mobile base to increase the functionality of your wood making store. It may be the smallest in the cabinet vertical joist series, but this champion comes with a 3-inch two knife cutter head.

The blades are sharp, the horsepower is up to 5000 RPM, 1HP, 110V/220V and it comes with a dovetail table. There is a convenient lever on the input side and a precise handwheel adjustment on the output side, making the adjustment of the table easy.

The heavy-duty central mounting rail has 45°, 90° and 135° stops, with an extra-large adjustment tilt The handle can be fully controlled when angled.

Many consumers have claimed that manual instruction is easy to read and follow, unlike lots of machines. This one of the best benchtop jointers are designed in a standing position so carpenters are more flexible and comfortable to carry their material and manipulate their work in the easiest way.


  • Detailed manual instruction
  • Super sturdy
  • Suitable for standing position 
  • Quite challenging to put it together 

6.Makita 2012NB 12″ Portable Planer


Makita provides portability and productivity through a compact design, much more silent operation, and faster and easier blade replacement. This can also eliminate snipers and improve planning performance.

The model is equipped with a fifteen-amp motor and has a no-load speed of 8,500 RPM, which is the quietest (eighty three dB) operation in the class. It uses a four-post design and an oblique cross bracket to ensure stability.

The large workbench extension can be used to fix the workpiece, and it has a fully adjustable depth stop for repeated cutting. The ground cutter head speed of the 2012NB is 28 feet per minute, and the depth of the cut setting can be easily adjusted for precise planning.

Furthermore, Makita is small and light, easy to transport to the job site. The blade replacement is brisker and simpler and uses disposable double-edged brush blades. lead. The light is on to indicate that the board is plugged into the machine, enhancing safety features more.

Moreover, the design which is considered to be modern and industrial really catches lots of attention from various consumers. It is also one of the greatest features that makes it a high reputation in the market.


  • Small and portable
  • Beautiful design and color
  • Quiet 
  • Barely handle big woods 

7.Wahuda Tools Jointer

Assemblers using Wahuda experience smooth cutting precision, making preparations more convenient. Each desktop connector is designed to be stable and strong, so you can easily flatten the edges and create perfect corners.

Wahuda is equipped with cast iron workbenches to provide maximum support during operation. Setting up is also a breeze! No trouble, less clutter, ready.

Whether you are a novice on a budget or an experienced carpenter, the Wahuda portable jointer planer assembly machine can help you perfectly prepare your inventory for the next step.

With sufficient processing capacity to handle all kinds of woodwork, such as trimming, sharpening and trimming, you can make table leg fences absolutely efficiently.

Far from conventional woodworking, Wahuda offers you innovative solutions that combine expert-level precision. The newly developed helical cutter heads have an edge that a standard straight blade cannot provide. It has four side carbide blades, which can achieve a smoother cut and produce smaller chips.

The general maintenance for the blades and sharpening is also an old-school thing, as the trimmer heads are designed to stay sharp longer. If it starts to dull, just loosen the blade, turn it to the next edge, and screw it back into place. It is also much quieter than traditional assembly machines, so you do not even need earmuffs. In addition, it minimizes scratches and tears.

Lastly, the model has three different sizes for you to choose whichever suits you. Since woodworking is all about measuring, cutting and designing, you will be working with various shapes and sizes of boards; therefore purchasing Wahuda could be very convenient in terms of that issue.


  • There are many sizes to choose
  • Stable cut
  • Outstanding sharpness 
  • Quite inconvenient to manipulate while standing 

8.VEVOR Jointers Woodworking 10 inch

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This ten-inch twisted woodworking tool reuses old, rough and weathered wood to make its surface very smooth. The powerful motor with 1500W can provide efficient brushing at a feed rate of nineteen point five FPM/min.

Combined with a strong steel bracket, it can prevent the planer from moving or shaking during operation.

The air-jet seaming machine is also equipped with a dust suction interface, which can be connected to a dust collector to create a clean working environment. The planer and seam combination is the ideal tool to revitalize your worn planks!

Moreover, with the dimension of 40.6 x 20.1 x 16.9 inches, you can easily put it anywhere in your garage or work site, not to mention that it is also extremely lightweight.

Lastly, with the weight of approximately 80 pounds, we are quite sure that users will not have difficulty in moving it around or bringing it along with them to construction sites.

  • Portable and easy to carry around
  • Dust collection
  • Safety features are included
  • Not ideal for large boards 

9.Delta 6″ Bench Top Jointer 37-071

Delta can make clean cuts with high precision every time. It’s high quality material which is heavy cast iron fences provide precise joints and safety.

With precision machined tables and a jointer fence, you will experience long-lasting precision. The maximum width is 6″ and you will enjoy up to a one-eighth depth of cut.

Furthermore, being made of cast iron, the machine’s stability is increased tremendously while its vibration is reduced to the minimum. Although the material is a durable cast iron construction, the tabletop jointer is incredibly lightweight.

The adjustable fence can flexibly move from forty five to ninety degrees. Lastly, the speed at which it produces cuts is super fast, cuts can reach up to about 20,000 CPM.

This could mean that it can perform some of the most challenging and heaviest tasks that a benchtop jointer can do.


  • High precision
  • Best materials
  • Not so great for big woods

10.VEVOR Jointers Woodworking 8 Inch

The woodworking planer countertops of Vevor are strong and can minimize damage to the surface of the boards. The guard in red can aid you in avoiding trouble which is caused by slippery grips.

It uses the crank and scale to easily change the height of the head of the cutter and precisely cut the depth. The large ergonomic knobs are very easy to use and give you a great experience.

This wood planer uses a two-in-one design that combines a countertop planer and a planer into one. At the same time, the planer and the connecting table are locked to ensure accurate cutting and improve capacity. This is called a jointer planer combo.

This feature could bring convenience and readiness to your workshop immediately and you do not have to spend too much money on buying two machines.

Moreover, the bulky planer can be joined to a dust collector to eliminate the problem of wood chips and prevent the worksite from getting dusty.


  • Super convenient
  • Flexible uses
  • Compact design
  • Sleek frame 
  • Small and not efficient when used for large boards 

11.WEN 6552T 13 in. 15 Amp 3-Blade Benchtop Corded Thickness Planer

The WEN porter cable planer utilizes a three-roll feed system to aid minimize sniping. The three double-edged blades on the center roll can be backward to help extend its life cycle and guarantee sharp cuts.

Without stopping right there, the machine uses the comfortable rubber adjustment handle to easily adjust the height of the brush. Adjust the height of the cutting head by 1/64 inch every quarter rotation to obtain maximum accuracy during operation.

Folding entry and exit tables increase support for longer workpieces passing through the planer. The two tables can be changed to get the right angle for smooth table delivery, smooth table delivery, and combat sniping.

It is a big surprise to those who are big fans of Wen because these benchtop models of the brand weigh only 66 pounds. This number shows that the machines are not only super lightweight but also portable and handy.

Last but not least, it connects wet/dry vacuum or dust collection equipment to a convenient two-inch, 21/2 inch or four-inch fan dust port adapter to minimize cleaning. Keep all the sawdust and potato chips in one place, not the entire workshop.


  • Three blades in one
  • Colorful
  • Strong and sturdy base 
  • Only for small boards 

12.Mophorn Thickness Planer 12.5Inch

It has a strong and smooth desktop surface, which can reduce the damage to the surface of the boards. The expansion board can be folded down for easy storage.

In terms of convenience,  it uses the crank to easily alter the height of the two knife cutter heads to satisfy different cutting demands. The scale is used to fine-tune the depth of cut and fine machining.

Furthermore, the drum feeds automatically without manual pushing. You just simply need to put the material into the feed inlet, and the material will be evenly pushed into the cutter shaft for shaving.

It also has an external dust collector to avoid the flying sawdust problem and make sure that the working environment is clean.

With a detachable heavy-duty steel bracket, it provides users with more suitable functions and prevents the wood planer from moving or shaking during operation.

Being one of the most affordable benchtop jointers, Mophorn is a bargain which only exists once in a blue moon. Have you ever seen such a functional jointer that holds so many positive features but its price is so reasonable? We bet you have not!

Last but not least, it is equipped with an electromagnetic shutdown protection switch and an overcurrent protector to ensure the safety of wood planning operations.


  • Reasonable price
  • Convenient
  • High quality material 
  • The knob for raising and lowering the blade is made of plastic and breaks after a few uses. 

13.POWERTEC PL1252 15 Amp 2-Blade Benchtop Thickness Planer

This is a profitable wood jointer as not only does it have a reasonable price but it also has numerous advantages. It may be a little louder than the other sounds you have used.

So far, many customers are very satisfied with the results they have seen using this machine. Snipers are minimal, especially if you make a very fine cut for your last pass on each side of the board.

If we talk about its speed, it combines an amazing fifteen amp motor with a modern 2-blade cutting system for deep cutting of hardwoods (raw oak, pallet wood, walnut), etc.

A small minus of Powertec is it is not diverse in color; however, it is not so heavy as well because of the fact that it is made of plastic and metal.

The precision and finish are excellent compared to other products, we highly recommend this planer, which is only half the price.


  • Powerful
  • Steady frame and design
  • Super speed 
  • Only one color 

14.WEN 6559 6-Inch 10-Amp Corded Benchtop Jointer

First of all, Wen has a super spacious table and comes with a cutter head with two blades.

It produces up to 20.000 cuts each minute with complete precision. You can even adjust how deep you want your cut to go and that is a really great feature.

A very special advantage of this machine is that it comes with many additional components such as a push block, a dust port, a push stick, a dust collection filter bag and especially, a warranty that extends up to 2 years.


  • Easy to assemble
  • No issues relating to the fully adjustable aluminum fence
  • Dust extraction feature
  • Works not so smoothly 

15.Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

The mobile thickness planer support structure has durability and stability under heavy weight. It is ideal for easily moving and storing brushes and holders.

The durable cast iron construction is very strong and well made. Many customers have zero alignment problems and everything is suitable. Some people’s usual action is to insert all the bolts that are connected together (such as the four sides of something) and then tighten them like rim lugs. There is no need here.

The bolts are already equipped with nuts and washers. The leveling feet feel good to the touch, but you must retract them so that the wheels come into contact with the floor surface. If they are leveling the table, it will not move.

Not only is it really versatile when you can use it for different purposes but it also comes with various additional components which are very useful.

Finally, Boss is the last one on the list but that does not mean it is worse than all the other machines. The weight of the product is only fifty four pounds and it is a standing type of jointer so you might really like its convenience.


  • Comes with other useful parts
  • Versatile
  • Strong base
  • The cheapest benchtop jointer
  • Base rails are short 

FAQ About Best Benchtop Jointers In 2021

The differences between a jointer and a joiner

The main difference between joiners and other benchtop jointers is the way it is used in woodworking projects. Carpenters use blade cutter heads to cut blocks of wood to create cuts, smooth surfaces, and beveled edges.

It is useful when you are trying to use warped or crooked wood because it can make it smooth and full again. There are two types of connectors, desktop and fixed.

Desktop computers are more portable and can be moved from place to place, while stationary models are usually larger and sit on a stand that can hold them in one place.

However, connectors are used to join boards. They used their blades to make a groove in the two edges of the flat wood. The edges are later handled with adhesive and put together to join the boards. Some other common terms for carpentry are “biscuit carpentry, plank carpentry, or herringbone carpentry.”

 If your woodworking project is focused on making furniture, such as a table or cabinet, or even a bed frame, then you may consider investing in both of these types of equipment.

 If you plan to sell your carpenter project after completion, or you are receiving an order for a specific project; then you definitely want to check out both machines for factory-quality surface treatment.

How can we define the best wood jointers?

When it comes to the best bench woodworking, it really depends on what you are looking for and what woodworking projects you plan to undertake.

When dealing with harder wood types, some assembly machines are better than others, others have different adjustable features, and some are equipped with double-blade or three-blade cutting machines to meet your needs.

How can we recognize a table top jointer with a parallel shape?

Conventionally, assemblers have used dovetail joints to line up the inlet and outlet tables. This explains that the table slides along the wedge to keep them parallel. Nevertheless, the chocks are not very reliable. When you change the depth, raise or lower the feeding table, it can go to both sides. The table can also be tilted to one side. This will cause the two artboards to become misaligned and influence the cut’s angle. Due to this unreliability problem, you should periodically check whether the tables are parallel. If the forms are not, you will have to make corrections, which wastes time and is exhausting. Usually, you need to insert a spacer at the bottom to level it as high as the other side.

To avoid this unnecessary problem, some carpenters use parallelograms to keep tables parallel. They are not going along a chock with the dovetail shape, they are mounted on multiple parallel handles beneath the table. By adjusting the height of the table, it rotates on these arms, always staying parallel. If you push down hard on the table, it will stay flat and the sides will be raised at an identical height.

Since there is no friction, just like when the two wedges move relative to each other, the table adjustment mechanism is not worn. Stays horizontal and parallel when used repeatedly.

Although parallelogram connectors are more costly, many people prefer them because of their ease of fit and durability.

Should you buy a planer first or a jointer?

Jointers and planers are quite costly. If you are just starting a carpentry job, you may not be able to purchase all the equipment you need immediately. The best option is that your store should have a planer and a jointer. Because many people have to choose which is the priority, this is our suggestion.

We recommend getting a planner initially. As you are able to purchase boards that are already leveled, you can utilize them instead of logs. Essentially, in the long run, the connector will save you money because you won’t have to pay more for the flat plate. The planer makes sure that you can slice the woods to an identical thickness. It is the only product that can take out the task with definite accuracy without trying too hard or putting too many skills into it.

Since there has no friction, just like when two wedges move relative to each other, the table adjustment mechanism is not worn. Repeated use can keep horizontal and parallel.

Although parallelogram joists are more expensive, they are favored by many people because of their ease of adjustment and durability.

Important factors to consider before buying a porter cable jointer


The size of the seam depends on how big the material you usually use. This helps determine the width and length of the tool.

The size of the seam is allocated according to the common size. This is the length of the knife. This area corresponds to the ability of the sewing equipment to handle the widest planks. According to experience, the length of the material processed by carpentry is times the length of the bed.

With this in mind, the length of the base and blade is important. Especially when it comes to the connector’s ability to fit specific size workpieces!

  • Six-inch: This is the most compact unit that is suitable for home applications. The price of this joint is relatively inexpensive. And more humane.

However, if you are dealing with fragments larger than six inches, you must shred them.

 Also, most of the best desktop connector reviews are six-inch.

  •  Eight-inch: These assembly machines have larger cutters and longer beds. They are also more expensive and heavier. This means that eight-inch allows you to use larger wood.
  • Sixteen-inch: If you think the eight-inch joist is strong, what do you think of the sixteen-inch version? Well, these are industrial assemblers. The forts are equipped with the longest knife. This greatly increases the scope of the task at hand. So for a large shop, the sixteen-inch model seems like a better investment.

The depth of cuts

The depth to which your blade can slice is also an essential consideration in carpentry. Even though most benchtop jointers allow you to change your straight blades to any depth you choose, others do not.

Stay updated for a shortage of adaptability, which might severely limit the amount of carpentry you can accomplish. Cutter depth influences not just how quickly you can cut, but also how much you can slice.

The cutting depth of the seam determines an important factor. This is the number of passes required to get a straight board.

In most cases, three-fourth inch to one second inch deep is ideal for correct cutting. But it all depends on the type of task you want to perform. In addition, factors such as efficiency and speed must also be considered. And on this basis, you should determine the appropriate depth of cut.

Please remember that the greater the cutter depth, the fewer cuts the blade will have to make through the material, thus saving you a lot of time.

Changing the depth of the cutter, on the other hand, maybe beneficial for a variety of applications. It seems that a jointer with a variety of cutting depths is perfect.

Bed’s size

The size of the bed has a great impact on the performance of the tool. The price is the same too! The six or eight-inch wide bed is ideal for typical brushing requirements. But you will also find models with beds up to sixteen inches wide.

In terms of length, please notice that the lumber picker can handle twice as much lumber as the bed. Therefore, you can choose bed extensions only when using relatively long pieces. The width and length of the bed are also greatly affected by the space available in the workshop. Therefore, please ensure that there is enough space to locate and use the connector. Remember that manipulating wood during planning requires enough space.

Outfeed tables

To get a flat surface, you need a cast iron table that is flat and parallel to the tool. Typically a long outfeed table helps produce a straight headboard. Keep this in mind, complex small parts do not need to use longer boards. This also applies to tight workspaces.

Remember, there are no wrong or correct options here. It all comes down to your specific needs and preferences.


There is a difference in the design and structure of the fully adjustable aluminum fence. But the most important thing is a smooth operation. Don’t you agree?

Because of the positive stop loss, it is less challenging to tilt the cast iron fence. You can tilt the iron fence support system from forty-five degrees to a hundred and thirty-five degrees. This is also the front stop at forty-five degrees and ninety degrees!

 Plus, you will feel relieved when you know that most of the desktop assembly tools discussed in this article are flat and rigid. In addition to providing a long service life! On the other hand, a poor quality cast iron fence will not only produce unsatisfactory brushing results. But they will also reduce your level of enjoyment.

Delta power tools

In the review of the best desktop connectors, we have commented on the motor part of each unit. These range from one horsepower to two horsepower (HP). When it comes to desktop connectors, the 1HP is powerful enough. Take care of any task!

Then there is the voltage. For standard household use, you can choose 220 or 110 volts. It has a single-phase working mechanism. As a desktop connector, it provides the best safety.

 On the other hand, heavy commercial assemblers need 440 volts.

Dust collection system

Do not underestimate the quantity of dirt and timber shavings produced by benchtop jointers while in use. Dirt and dust are part of any connector used. Do you agree?

We are firm believers in having a clean business as well as a secure store. Check that the top spiral cutter head jointer you choose is suitable with your present dust control system.

This emphasizes the importance of purchasing a benchtop jointers’ meeting cast iron table with a built-in dust collection system. Keeping the worksite dust-free is essential for operational safety. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid ignoring this particular factor.

Blades and cutter head

The cutter head is the spinning circular blade at the jointer’s core. The cutters sprout just above the jointer’s infeed cast iron table, which is placed longitudinally in the cutter head.

This is done so that when it rotates, the blades come in contact with the wood. It then shaves away the projecting portions. Benchtop jointers are rendered useless in the absence of suitable helical cutter heads.

Cutter’s heads are available in a range of forms and sizes, and they can chop varied degrees of broad and short timber.

So what is the industry standard here? The spiral two knife cutter head uses a four-sided spiral cutter. These machines use precious cutting motion to cut wood. This maximizes efficiency while operating quietly! Compared to its straight knife relatives!

Putting the machine together with a screw head also leaves minimal tool marks. Therefore, the completion time is greatly reduced.

The width of the jointer’s cutter head is another important jointer consideration. The cutter head width on most benchtop jointers is six inches. This indicates that the tool’s maximum cutting width is six inches. Additional, more costly and bigger versions, such as the enclosed stand, have a cutter head lock width of up to eighteen inches. Having already said, six-inch benchtops are still adequate for some expert woodwork and the vast majority of amateurs.

These two knife cutter heads are gentler and more silent, but they are much more costly. You should also think about the cutter head speed. That is the minimum amount of rpm (rotation per minute) that your cutting blade makes.

If you are trying to sort out or polish over a board of wood, the feeding speed is very essential. This may necessitate numerous cuts, which may be extremely time-consuming.

Choosing cutters with more cycles per minute might save you a lot of time. Whatever cutter blade you use, make sure it is of high quality. The worse the condition of the blade, the sooner you’ll need to replace it.


If you have to choose in this line, it is worth noting that the bigger the better. Although desktop connectors are ideal for small areas and tiny projects, movability is an issue because they are secured on your workbench most of the time (unless you are ready to disassemble and reconnect, of course).

How is a benchtop jointer beneficial?

Affordable benchtop jointers are a scaled-down variant of free-standing best benchtop jointers. Its primary purpose is identical to that of a massive jointer. The distinction is its increased adaptability as a result of its semi-portability.

It produces clean, diagonal flat edges in the same way as a normal jointer does, but with smaller boards due to the size. A benchtop jointer is excellent for beginning craftsmen who need to develop their skills or for experts who have a tiny workspace.

In a word, the smaller version of your free-standing jointers offers several advantages due to two major advantages: compact size and mobility.

Replacement in practice

A tabletop jointer is a viable substitute for a massive planer if you have sub-assemblies of substance to deal with and limited room to work on. This is because its engine power and mobility are equivalent.

With a weight of about 70-100 pounds, you may move swiftly around your workplace environment anywhere and whenever you have to.

Reasonable price

Because a benchtop jointer is a mini version of a standard jointer, it is unquestionably less expensive. You may allow yourself to pay more on those required woodworking equipment or supplies without losing the functionality of a decent jointer.

Noise restriction

You may simply work at home when you want and without bothering your neighbors due to a benchtop jointer’s pseudo sound production. There really are no unrestricted hours of work, so you may concentrate on beginning or completing your project quickly.

High quality horsepower

With substantial input voltage, you may be certain of having extremely clean edges without wasting so much money or limiting your movement around your workplace environment.


The most outstanding wood jointers, which typically weigh between seventy and a hundred pounds, are light enough just to carry around your workplace and even transport to other job locations.

You can store more facilities and machines within your workspace while still maintaining sufficient room to operate inside the constraints of your basement.

Identical capacity

Benchtop jointers, which are equipped with a strong motor to offer you superior leveling of your timber, are dependable in providing you with the very same capability as a big one but only in a smaller package.

Well, if you have enough of the best benchtop jointer, then have a look at how wood jointing works:

A sum up before we say goodbye, here are our top 5 best benchtop jointer

Grizzly Industrial G9953ZXF

Best benchtop jointer with powerful horsepower

JET JJ-6CSDX 6″ Long Bed Jointer

Best benchtop jointer with the highest versatility

Jet JJ-6HHBT, 6-Inch Helical Head Benchtop Jointer

Best benchtop jointer with safety features

JET JWP-13BT, 13-Inch Helical-Style Benchtop Planer


Best benchtop jointer with portability

Grizzly Industrial G0813-

Best benchtop jointer with the standing position

When we started out to locate a benchtop jointer for our business, we knew we could not really settle for anything less than the best. We needed to locate the best instruments at the lowest possible cost. We eventually picked on 15 to compare in our reviews after evaluating hundreds of them.

We always say this to our readers: “Shopping is a wholesome experience. You will not enjoy it until you let yourself.” It means that we need to have an open mind and be more flexible when we are about to pick up something from the store.

You do not have to compromise, but you need to look at the product from different perspectives. Besides, there is nothing such as “the compact jointer with all the features” as there is only the most suitable one for you at that moment. Trust us and you will not be disappointed with the experience.

We are certain that you discovered this review usefully and that you will be able to make an informed decision. If you like the reviews, hit like, comment and share them with anyone who is desperately in need. See you in the next posts!



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