Best 50cc Chainsaw Review & Buying Guide 2021

You can use a knife for cutting vegetables but you’ll need a cleaver in case of meat and bone. Likewise, you couldn’t afford a table saw for cutting a thread. The benefit of having a 50 cc chainsaw is that you could do both simple and complex works like tree felling, limbing, bucking, pruning, and cutting of firewood can be done with this finest 50 cc chainsaw. Hence for the amateurs, it is reliable in the area of power and fidelity.


This threatening device (chainsaw) was originally invented to remove parts of bone and cartilage to make enough room for the babies, as some babies did not fit through or they would get trapped in the pelvis.

Hence in the 1780s, nevertheless, medical practitioners named John Aitken and James Jeffrey designed the chainsaw (not hole saw) to make the removal of the pelvic bone simpler and less time-consuming.

And then it became a tool used for woodworks, when people discovered how fast and simple it was to get through, well, everything. It got bigger and stronger and gradually grew to become the beast we know today.


Wrap your thumb and fingers firmly around the handle. To mitigate some kickback, keeping the thumb of your left hand under the front handle is very necessary.


By hand filing, you can get the best blade chain, as long as you use the correct tools and quality files. When there are many chains to file, machine sharpening is a good choice, but here it is worth taking into account the friction caused by machine sharpening and potential thermal disruption.

And you will have to search hard if you need a chainsaw that meets all your requirements. But this article will make your selection process easier, allowing you to choose the right one.


you can’t tell the best one right away, because every chainsaw has its advantage under a certain circumstance where it is used. But if  I have to tell you in one shot, then it would be the 20 Inch Husqvarna 50cc chainsaw.

List Of Top 50cc Chainsaw REVIEWS 

Best 50cc Chainsaw Review 2021

Here comes 50cc chainsaw reviews which are rated high according to their purpose:


If you are interested in working with a chainsaw having a comfortable design on a woodworking ground, then without any queries you can choose to have a CS-590 Gas chainsaw, as it is provided with the abilities you expect.

The creative design with a 2-stroke engine with 20 inches bar length can do any challenging projects. Compared to the electric machines this Echo chainsaw can easily cut down, prune and trim trees of different thicknesses.

Also, to achieve easier use the long-chain bar is constantly lubricated by the auto-oiler. And the accurate positioning of the scrench holder helps in the immediate holding of the scrench, so without thinking about any oil leakage, you can tighten the bar and the chain whenever you want.

Because of the decompression valve, it is easy to initiate the system by pulling the rope. As the stationary hand guard protects your hand from accidental contact with the chain you don’t need to worry about safety.

  • Your safety is assured due to the stationary hand.

  • Reduced friction due to constant lubrication of chain and bar.

  • Trees with varying thicknesses can be cut down easily.

  • The scrench can be held nearer to you with the help of a scrench holder.

  • It is a Little riskier to work with plastic constructed handguards.

  • Comparatively heavier than others.

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If you are bad at managing chainsaw then this Husqvarna 50cc chainsaw (If you looking for chainsaw mills, visits here ) can be a solution to you. It’s an amazingly working heavy-duty chainsaw with a combination of adaptability and power.

This Husqvarna 50cc chainsaw can deliver 9000 RPM under proper maintenance and lubrication, which can be used for both domestic and complex professional works.

This device is provided with a holder which provides easy scrench’s hold together with tightening of the bar when the chain gets loose and needs tinkering.

Due to the air filtering system, no debris will be allowed to the engine confirming its performance without any pause. Throughout the whole process, the auto-oiler helps in keeping the parts lubricated.

A tree can be cut down without a lot of effort as it is provided with an efficient motor and a long bar. Since Husqvarna 50cc chainsaw is almost vibrant-free you can have a good hold on the machine and can resume your work with ease.

  • Tensions can be simply adjusted with the scrench provided.

  • Even though jobs can be done without more effort.

  • You can use it for lengthy projects with the presence of air-filtering mechanisms.

  • With the help of the handle, you can carry it wherever you want.

  • It is slightly expensive compared with others.

  • The heavy size is quite tricky to work with.

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The next high rated chainsaw is another Poulan-Marvel. This is another world-class chainsaw that can cut any wood easily. A compatible performance is ensured by the added oiler which gives complete oil flow.

The steady lubrication of the bar and the chain reduces the friction enhancing the system’s production. It also aids the Anti-vibrating technology used along with the design of the chainsaw.

Moreover, it can endure excessive pressure so that it can easily slash through thicker wood. Even if you are dealing with a tougher exterior, you could handle it with ease. The lifespan is also extended by the DuraLife technology used.

The comfortable design along with the vibration control technology helps you in finishing the work before tired hits. The perfectly placed Bumper spikes and sprocket nose bar with 20 inches bar minimize the effort in cutting the wood.

The stunning motor power allows you to handle various tasks simply and the debris is kept away by the controlled air filtering system.

  • Comfortable handle

  • Easier work because of the absence of vibration.

  • Frequent lubrication of the surface.

  • The device works longer due to the powerful engine.

  • Carrying this chainsaw is quite a challenging one.

  • An extra carburetor adjustment tool is needed here.

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It’ll be frustrating if your chainsaw stops working in the middle of your work, so if you want a smooth working chainsaw, then you can have a look into Poulan 50cc Chainsaw reviews.

This Poulan 50cc chainsaw reviews will give you a brief knowledge before you decide to purchase.

The advantage of a quick-start mechanism in this chainsaw adds its advantage in saving your valuable time. Even though it’s a Pull-Start system, the distinctive design reduces your effort by 30%. Hence there is no need for you to pull the cord often.

Also, the carburetor can be filled with an adequate amount of fuel with help of the purge which allows the engine to work with a flow. The powerful motor due to the OxyPower technology provides you with effortless works even in trees with higher thickness. Moreover, you’ll be getting 20% less fuel consumption and a 70% decrease in emission with no oil leakage.

  •  You can work on trees with a wide range of thicknesses.

  • The system will block the air debris into the piston and the cylinder.

  • The auto-oiler system enables the continuous flow of oil.

  • The quick-start system saves your time.

  •  The bolts need to be tightened at a regular interval of time.

  • The system will block the air debris into the piston and the cylinder.

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You can learn about the well-designed and profitable Makita EA5000P GG 20 inch 50cc engine chainsaw, which is also a customer chainsaw, from this Makita EA5000PRGG chainsaw summary. Take a look if you no longer want to get a backache when handling a bulky chainsaw.

Here Spring-assisted quick start system is employed. .You could start the system quickly without applying a lot of force. Hence there is no waste of time, not a single minute is wasted.   The chain brake disables the tool if it comes into contact with undesirable surfaces.

Besides, quite interestingly, it weighs just 11.9 lbs. The balance between its weight and size is ideal, along with its durable body sustained by magnesium. Owing to its smooth form, cleaning is more feasible.

Although the fuel consumption is lower, it gives the necessary output by generating maximum power. As they are constantly greased by the auto-oiler, the chain and bar operate effectively.

  • Instant tool initiation.

  • Can be carried for a long duration as it weighs less.

  • Accidents were avoided due to chain break presence.

  • More savings and less consumption of fuel.

  •  The little expensive one.

  • Absence of extra chain and bar.

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One of Jonsered’s most comfortable chainsaws is the 2-Cycle gas Jonsered 50cc chainsaw with a full pack of customization options and a fine one to care about every household property. The details of 50cc Jonsered chainsaw analysis comes with a bar of length 18 inches is discussed below for your reference.

The most eminent easy-start system in this machine makes it more reliable, as time is a critical aspect while working with tools like chainsaws. Without any interference, you can pull the handle effortlessly and launch it in absence of any setbacks.

The quick-start technology and pump for fuel are provided for the right flow of engine startups and this adds up its advantage. In contrast to others, this pulling method is 40 percent simpler and quicker.

A steel spring, the vibrations weakening system is an important excellent contribution which allows you to operate easily for a while reducing the boredom. For optimal efficiency, the automatic flow of the oil keeps the bar lubricated and the chain. Once again, the technology of anti-vibration and the excellent usability adds up to the overall use.

Besides, the inclusion of a snap-locked air filtering filter system develops it greatly and effectively to keep the engine sterile. The brake of the chain is triggered automatically when there is a backlash,which prevents any unnecessary contact.

  • Work can be handled well due to minimizing vibration.

  • The chainsaw can be initiated instantly.

  • Comfortable handle.

  • Your safety is assured by the brake chain.

  •  Leakage of oil is possible.

  • Absence of rubberized handles.

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7.GASOLINE 45CC CHAINSAW XtremepowerUS 22″ 45CC

The Xtreme power Gas 2-Stroke 50cc engine chainsaw never admits defeat, no matter how complex a challenge you face. When any chainsaw fails to undergo the pressure and fulfill your need, this gasoline chainsaw becomes the supreme savior.

A primary concern for any consumer is safety. The chain brake system safeguards you from any threat.

At the moment the device comes in contact with undesirable materials, the chain brake is triggered and immediately your hand will be guarded against the chain.

Besides,  An easy pull of the cord to start cutting and pureeing is done with a smart start providing an excellent starting method. Its motor produces fierce power which can take down trees of any thickness, utilizing less fuel.

The passage of debris into the engine is blocked by the air filtering system which confirms the tool’s long-lifespan. You can carry out a function carefully for a long time with less exhaustion as it doesn’t vibrate.

  •  Since it is debris-free, the engine’s productivity is quite good.

  • Accidents are prevented with the help of a chain brake.

  • Quick-start mechanism.

  • Vibration-free thus, you can work efficiently.

  •  Fraile tensioner bolt.

  • It takes a while to restart the tool.

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If everything you are looking for is productivity, then there is no other better option than the Echo CS-490. Here, you’ll find some outstanding features that won’t be available in other chainsaws.

Ensuring protection as a primary concern, the instrument comes with a rigid and appropriately crafted handguard, and this segment protects your hand against accidental chain contact. Consequently, the chain and bar are kept lubricated by the automatic oiler.

The excellent motor power has made tree felling and cutting fast. Due to significant bar length and capable engine, any difficult work involving dense trees can be easily completed. A primer bulb and auto return choke are added to make the machine perform strongly, making sure that your chainsaw activates smoothly.

A proper balance between the weight and added parts are retained by its configuration and power tools. In any work conditions, you can feel less distracted as it does not vibrate at all. The mechanically constructed handle can help you run it for a long time as it is combined with its feasible weight ratio.

  • Your hands are kept away from the bar.

  • Best productivity due to amazing power to the engine.

  • You can hold it for a large period due to its lightweight

  • You can be more comfortable with working with the handle.

  • You may not be satisfied with the color.

  • A scrench holder is not provided here.

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If you are in search of  a chainsaw that could cut firewood and create homemade designs, also has full strength and power to mold the trees in the form you want? Surprisingly Gas Powered Remington RM4216 Chainsaw is the chainsaw you need to do those works.

The presence of an auto-oiler which continuously discharges oil for the lubrication of the bar and the chain along with a bar length of 16 inches is one of its impressive characteristics. The risk of wear and tear also degrades as the friction is reduced.

Furthermore, the air filter system strongly confirms its reliability.   The prevention of the debris from accessing the chain and engine compartment, which eliminates the demand for ongoing maintenance is done by the filter.  Also, the side-mounted tensioning of the chain and tightening can be controlled by you quickly, and that makes it flexible to use the tool.

Here, the strong engine helps you to operate on trees varying from average-size to big-sized and under any working circumstances. The device begins immediately by pulling the cord. The brake of the chain automatically stops the system if any unnecessary contacts appear. Through much planning and testing, bars with sprocket nose and bumper spikes are built in the perfect place to make the cuts easier.

  • You can manage the chain tightening.

  • Prevention of debris from entering the engine.

  • Always creased chain and bar due to the auto-oiler.

  • You can simply start by pulling the cord.

  • For a few hours, it needs to be cooled down.

  • Vibration issue.

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Would you like to focus on the trees effectively, give your yard a sophisticated appearance? Then you are highly recommended the Husqvarna 18 Inch 450e II Gas Chainsaw, one of the most prevalent 50cc saws. This product will amaze you with its functionality, whether you are a casual adventurer or a daily woodworker.

The Dealing of dense trees is simplified by the ability of the splendid engine which will amaze you. Inadvertent touch or slash across any unnecessary surfaces will be avoided as the chain brake is triggered automatically.

And the friction is reduced as the auto-oiler constantly lubricates the bar and chain.  Hence, you can perform difficult tasks seamlessly. Whenever you need it, you may automatically change the chain tension.

Your engine can be kept cleaner for a longer duration because before the debris reaches the air filter, the sawdust gets removed by 3%. It is simple to open the cap and fueling can be also made faster. With minimal downtime, you can easily start the chainsaw.

  • It takes fewer minutes to get started.

  • More challenging tasks can be done with the power generated.

  • The engine is not affected by the debris.

  • Kickbacks are prevented by the chain brake.

  •  Poorly designed guard and safety equipment.

  • Rubberized handles are also absent here.

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There are several important features that you should remember before buying a chainsaw and deciding matters. Taking these variables into account will allow you to determine which form of device will suit you and will be comfortable to work with.


 There are numerous characteristics that any chainsaw should have if you want to have a reliable chainsaw. In addition to this, you should know the device’s mandatory requirement.


 Most of the chainsaws of 50cc models were constructed with the critical features given below, taking into account the protection and welfare of the user :


 This device spontaneously prevents and catches the chain of the chainsaw from running off in the event of a broken chain, thereby reducing the loss.


 Accidental flipping of the chainsaw is prevented by this trigger locker.


The right-handle provided here prevents the hand of the operator from being harmed by the chainsaw, specifically in the context of a running off chain.


 During a kickback, the brake stops either the left hand of the user or the hand which is non-working from being hurt. By moving the brake forth with the support of the wrist, you can enable it. This would immediately keep the chain of the chainsaw from causing more harm, to both operators as well as chainsaws.


 The single press of a button could stop the chain in any given moment which is another additional function.


It’s really wise to incorporate a few gadgets that will make sure of your safety during your work, apart from having a gadget designed with safety mechanisms.

Equipping yourself along with mandatory work apparel and footwear that can restrain your body and face against accidents is essential. With appropriate clothes, metal boots, and helmets, you can do this with minimal danger.

Often, wearing a helmet with a face protector is desirable. This will assist in protecting eyes from the dust particles. Besides, wearing defensive gloves will save your hands against suffering an injury.


 It is better to avoid carrying heavy chainsaw when you are not involved in professional works as doing operations using such heavy saws could easily

induce cramping of your hands and joints. And wandering with those heavy chainsaws for a quite long time could quickly tire you out totally.

And hence, you should acknowledge the machine’s weight ratio and select a chainsaw that you could use continuously for hours and work with it effortlessly.


 Of course, because of the tear and wear the chainsaw goes through, your gadget requires proper care while you are chopping through a ton of timber.

Taking good care of the chainsaw, for this purpose, will make it going as long as possible.  Particularly if you need to utilize your chainsaw regularly, your ignorance can shorten the life of the machinery.

So, it is safer to select a chainsaw that has interchangeable parts to better maintain your chain saw. The process of reassembling and disassembling is made easier to use with the help of this feature.

Additionally, without any need to buy a newer one, you can substitute damaged parts if any in the device. Although, there are indeed some of the chainsaws, which require a skilled expert’s touch and could only be repaired by them.

Also, chainsaws with fewer removable components will help to minimize the repetitive repair process and save you quite a long duration of time. Even Though it does make it hard to repair the damaged parts.


 A tool of this type is subject to a great deal of damages. So, having a guarantee is a smart choice, and being in the cautious zone is a wise choice. You need not think about having any additional expenditure on maintenance and repairs during the duration of the warranty.

By offering warranties, all the popular brands around nowadays, like Oregon, Poulan, Husqvarna support their products. As it is a trademark of best picks, seek to grab one with a guarantee.


 To commence with, actually chainsaws are really a risky tool as one minor fall can lead to severe accidents. So, using a chainsaw that is large or heavy or is not well focused, and that will put so much stress on you and tire you out rapidly.

The chance of being injured rises tenfold, working with a chainsaw having Rough handles. So, you can pick one which is lighter to manage and convenient to use to prevent those risks from happening.

You will have effective supremacy over the machine you are handling with a chainsaw that has customized handles. This lets you have a tight grip. Other than that, during the work, it increases productivity and reduces stress.


 You can select one which has a convenient hold on both of its back and front handles when it comes to dealing with chainsaws for prolonged periods. This enables you to easily chop off trees and branches, even in uncomfortable and demanding positions.

For precise cuts, a decent front grip can support you, while the rear grip makes energy slashing much simpler.



 By employing the following measures, you can reduce the impact of the vibration while working with chainsaws :

1.You can lessen the shaking of chainsaw with the help of introducing springs for damping in between engine and moving components.

2.The effect of the device’s vibrations on your body can be deteriorated by wearing heavy protective gloves made of materials that can absorb shocks and vibrations.

Nonetheless, a chainsaw equipped with a device without vibration can be purchased to decrease the vibration.


 Chainsaws, particularly gas-powered ones, generally tend to produce a lot of noise. Thus, you have to look for a less intrusive competent chainsaw for better use.

Soundproof ear coverings that can overcome this issue can also be purchased.


It is problematic to work outdoors and chop through trees specifically during the winter season.  As blood circulation reduces in the hands due to working in cold weather along with your hands going numb, this problem arises.

This trouble can be tackled by using chainsaws having heated handles and also the working hours could also be increased.


The engine’s power is the significant difference between a 60cc and a 50cc chainsaw. Here, the cc stands for cubic centimeters. Thus, you will find a larger engine when you compare the 50cc engine with the 60cc engine.

The chainsaw is more potential as the size of the engine increases 5s. Therefore it depends on the nature and kind of work you should accomplish. For simple and friendly works like cutting small branches of trees, trees with lesser width, or DIY works, then indeed a 50cc chainsaw would perfectly fit as it is also a customer-grade chainsaw.

If your work is all about clearing and cutting down trees with a much larger diameter, often it is better to use a chainsaw of 60cc.


 What is the horsepower in a 50cc chainsaw?

 A device’s horsepower is the sum of the total power generated by the engine’s motor. The acceleration and intensity of the saw are mostly influenced by the horsepower in the case of a chainsaw.

In a 50cc chainsaw, there is approximately horsepower of 2.7, which is adequate to slice through various kinds of wood effectively.

What kind of CC chainsaw would I require?

 It is the same as indicated above, cc represents cubic centimeters, that determines the engine capacity. The more powerful the chainsaw becomes when the cc is higher.

Well, you have to weigh a few more things when you purchase a professional one, like the horsepower you should have to complete the work and the sort of criteria your job requires.

Likewise, if you need to carry out any insanely larger tasks or projects, you can blindly choose 60cc instead of 50cc. But you’ll need 50cc to carry out normal and quite heavy duties.

What is the best small stihl 50cc chainsaw ?

 One of the nicest and simplest petrol-powered chainsaws on the marketplace currently is the durable STIHL MS 150 C-E. The compact and ultimately-light weight 23.6 cc powerhead is built for speed and agility, weighing in at just 6.1 lbs.

For U. S., at least for petrol-powered chainsaws, Stihl holds on to its number one bestselling brand rating.

STIHL 50cc chainsaw is a blend of advanced technology, optimally comfortable design, and lightweight. These characteristics reduce the pressure on individuals and the planet.


A flexible product exceeds a specialized one as days go on as we said earlier (if you don’t have a particular project that needs a unique product). In its nature and strength, a chainsaw of 50cc is versatile, enabling it to address different tasks with ease.

Well, before we sorted it down to top10, we’ve reviewed a number of chainsaws, and now we’re about to announce the winner out of this lot, too. The 455 Rancher 20 Inch Husqvarna takes 1st place pretty smoothly, with its excellent engine, safety equipment, and cutting power!

In case, if you’re searching for an affordable option, though, you can choose the  Poulan 50cc chainsaw with 2-cycle. It’s the nearest to Husqvarna, with prices almost 60 percent less than 20 Inch Husqvarna.

And now, we believe that you’ve found this article useful and would like to wish a happy buying experience to you all!





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