Top 5 Best Pex Crimp Tool In 2021

One of the best and most reliable tools for your plumbing applications is a Pex crimping tool. The best Pex Crimp Tool saves your time, money and simplifies the installation process. Make sure the machine is of high quality and robust crimping tool for PEX and make your customer trustworthy.

The PEX crimping techniques are often flexible and versatile in executing large applications. The majority of the PEX crimp tool features an auto-releasing system and a ratchet design to ensure accurate crimping. They also feature a robust, high-quality structure of steel that ensures optimum longevity and effective crimping. Most of them even have a go-no-go gauge, and a cinch and remove tool to make crimping easy. Choosing the most suitable can be a struggle, but we have selected the best crimping tools on the market for PEX for you to make an educated decision.

Best Pex Crimp Tool In 2020

Top 5 Best Pex Crimp Tool 2020

We have now selected the seven best model on the market today, given that you have an idea of what to look for in the best Pex tool. A detailed overview of each one with their benefits and drawbacks and the special features can be included to help you first find the right Pex Crimp product.

1. IWISS PEX Pipe Clamp Cinch Tool

The IWISS Pex Crimping Tool has useful functionality. It is an easy-to-use, flexible crimping tool designed to avoid deformation and to resist recalibration. This tool suits all 3/8″ to 1″ stainless steel clamps, so you only need one tool. The safety ratchet feature guarantees a quick and secure installation. It is useful because it also includes an adjustment method for calibration.

  • Will work on a wide variety of clamp clinch tools and sizes.
  • It is almost easy to use with its ratcheting design
  • Durable tool-steel design for better reliability and durability
  • It appears to require periodic calibration for the ratchet mechanism to operate correctly.

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2. IWISS Angle Head PEX Crimp Tools

The folding handle requires less energy which makes the operation of a 1-inch copper ring simpler to cramp. The angled style of design makes it easier to enter the narrow space and mount the tubing. It guarantees a secure and stable connection to the pipes.

  • This Crimping tool easy to use
  • This tool has Good Angle Design
  • It requires excellent strength

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3. Apollo PEX Multi-Head Crimp Tools

Commercial plumbing work requires more plumbing capacity to use this Apollo method. It is the most reliable, flexible and customizable heavy-duty tool and has tight spots and a sturdy seal. This crimp tool is ideal for four ties from 3/8″ to 1″ in size. The rings are easy to use and easy to modify. It is unique because it can change the crimping force.

  • This Crimp tool can work for four different sizes.
  • Crimp ring in this tool is adjustable
  • This Crimp tool have Durable steel construction.
  • Size of this tool is huge

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4. SharkBite 2351 PEX Cinch Crimps Tool

Sharkbite is very easy to use and saves money along with time and can fix a plumbing issue within 30 minutes. It also saves money. Both beginners and experts can use it. The crimpers work perfectly and don’t make any problem with leakage.

This PEX Cinch Crimp Tool is simple and effective and operates on two key pipe sizes. The rubber handle makes the grip simple. In receded places, this long handle will enter the pipes. It needs no estimation, and the Go/No-Go mechanism helps you to operate in different positions.

  • Beginners can also use this crimp tool easily
  • This tool is easy to use, and it saves time
  • This crimp tool is also cost-effective
  • This tool doesn’t work well in tight spaces

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5. Zurn Steel Multi-Head Crimp Tool

An outstanding buy to experienced plumbing workers. Flawless work is carried out on the Zurn copper crimping tool, which mounts 3/8′′, 1/8′′, 5/8′′ and 3/4′′ PEX equipment. You can turn quickly from one size to another and get a secured lock anywhere. The calibration unit, Go/No-Go gauge, and crimp removal tool are available. In the case of storage, the tool collection is packed.

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This is a required tool kit for PEX work. You have everything you need to crimp and mount your PEX, plus the option to remove a bad crimp.

  • This Toolkit includes a crimp ring removal tool.
  • It’s perfect to use on both steel and copper. It saves the risk of buying both of them.
  • This tools did not work with one-inch Pex crimp bands

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Buyer’s Guide

The right method to crimp Pex is the one for the work. It must have the proper length and height and functionality to encourage and make it enjoyable to use. The attributes of different versions are somewhat different. The modifications will make a huge difference, how quickly or difficultly the Pex Tools works in the job you need to do.

Crimping Clasp Size
PEX crimp tools vary in their crimping clasp sizes. This ranges from 1⁄4 to 1 inch of Pex tool. The tool’s size depends on the diameter of the PEX pipe. Otherwise, it will not satisfy the task’s requirements and will create several problems with the incorrect clasp size.

Tool Length
Pex tools are available in varying lengths. Some pipes are hard to reach locations, and they might take a very long Pex crimp tool to reach them. If the pipes are closer, it would be best to get one with a shorter handle. If the handle is too long, it will make it impossible to move the tool in a tight position. Determine the particular duration of managing needs and purchase the tool that suits the task.

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Go/No-Go Gauge
It is a function that is helpful to help you understand whether your Pex tool is working for pipe size and crimp. You will save time and stress with your Go/No Go Gage, but this functionality does not cover all Pex crimping equipment. It is good to have one.


It is a significant factor that should be taken into account at all times. It is important to opt for a lightweight tool to be easy to carry. Not only this but when repairing and fitting pipes and wires, an ideal weight tool is required to accomplish the job efficiently.

Long-lasting service can be provided by a reliable crimp tool. The intensity depends on the substance in the product. Some brands maintain premium consistency due to the proper material used.

For each buy, the price remains a crucial factor. Must you review the tool on a budget, and is it a good purchase or not? The more money you pay, the better content and advanced features you get.

Final Verdict
When you know what to look for, it’s not hard to find the right best Pex crimp tool. The tool that suits your needs is the right option. We checked the top five Pex cramping products and added a variety of templates to provide you with a wide range of tools. We urge you to examine and compare each feature before making your final decision. These are the highly skilled instruments on the market today, and our reviews are structured to provide you with the right options in a convenient venue.



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