4 Steps for effective Removal and Replacement of a Garage Door Panel

When you garage door panel may get damage or dent or it may have an old look after some years due to wear and tear. Whichever the reason could be it definitely you will want to remove it and replace the garage door panel with the one you desire. Make sure you purchase the right panel. Always when buying look for the model and the maker of the one that you want to replace; this is because if you buy different model it may fail to fit correctly.


1/Ordering the Panel

After you have known who made you garage door, go and purchase your garage door panel. When your door is very old it is advisable to contact the manufacturer of your garage door directly. By contacting the manufacture directly it will assist you to have right garage door panel number. The number will be used to order another garage door panel from a local store which may be sell the door hence saving money.

2/Removing the Panels

Unplugging your garage door opener if it is fitted is the first thing to do. Use the garage door manual and remove the door springs. The reason for removing the spring is to control it from opening while you are working and this could result to damage to the new panels and also could cause injuries to you. Rollers are the one that usually join garage panel together on the side which run through the track. If the panel that you want to replace is not on the top, you have to remove other panel one at a time until you get the one you want to replace. This will be done by separating the top panel from the one below it. Remove screws and bolt because they may have them. Lift loosened panel up until it come out of the track end and put it aside. Do this to other panels until you get the one want to replace.

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3/Replacing the Panel

Slide the rollers of the new panel into the track and lower it down until it touches the panel beneath it. Fit the new panel that one beneath it, this by use of bolts and screws. Put the other panels the same way you hand removed them, this continue until the whole garage door is placed back. Tighten all screws to make sure your door is very secure to use. Reattach the springs, and also ensure they are also secure and tight fitted. Put back the garage door opener back. Then look whether you door is closing and opening well and smoothly.


May be the color of the new panel may be different from the old ones. Then finish your job by painting them with the color that was there or you can change the color if you may want. By following this simple and easy steps of how to remove a garage door panel, one can easily do so. In case of problem with you spring during pane removal please call for assistance from professional. Springs are quit dangerous and they require expert to attach them.


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