3 Easy DIY for Your Plants

This summer, indoor vegetation is more than ever highlighted through these 3 charming DIYs. Easy and quick, these tutorials are perfect for making your own plant supports.

A new freshness is introduced in the interiors, and the plants invade the decoration! These 3 playful DIYs are a perfect match for a natural and trendy living room. Full of inventiveness, these creations will allow you to play at DIY in no time.

Suspended from the ceiling in an aerial spirit, placed by level on a raw wood ladder or loose on a contemporary shelf, the plants can be arranged in many different ways… The proof!

DIY for plants number 1 : a modern and chic gypsy plant holder

In a very contemporary bohemian spirit, this suspension adopts a false ladder look, to host green plants to hang.

The material needed to make this DIY for plants: 

– 3 smooth beechwood dowels of 1 m and section 22 x 22 mm

– 1 planed beechwood cleat of 2.4 m and section 28 x 15 mm

– 18 wood screws of 35 mm

– 2 hooks

– 2 m of rope

– 4 dowels

– Square

– ∅ 3 mm wood drill bit

Steps to create this plant hanging: 

1) Saw 9 33 cm sections from the dowels. Saw the cleat into 2 pieces of 120 cm.

2) On the 2 pieces of wood, mark marks in the center every 12 cm or so.

3) Drill a hole at the marks using a drill with a ∅ 3 mm wood drill bit, then place the dowels facing the holes and secure them with the wood screws. Repeat on the other side of the ladder.

4) Place the ladder perpendicular to the wall. Mark the wall and drill the ends of the ladder. Repeat above the markings to identify the location of the hooks. Drill through the wall and insert the dowels and hooks. Secure the ladder into the wall with screws. Hold it together with rope tied between the hooks and the ladder.

3 Easy DIY for Your Plants

Plant DIY number 2: a Plant Mood Board 

Inspired by a shelf, this cheerful piece of furniture in pastel colors

The material needed to make this plant stand:

– 1 plywood panel of 45 x 30 cm and 15 mm thick

– 10 mm thick plywood panels: 2 of 30 x 10 cm, 2 of 10 x 10 cm, 1 of 28 x 10 cm and 2 of 12 x 18 cm

– 14 wood dowels of 30 mm and ∅ 6 mm

– 1 smooth beech dowel of 1 m and ∅ 22 mm

– 1 tube of wood glue

– 3 pots of paint in the colors of your choice

 Steps to create this plant cabinet: 

1) On the 45 x 30 cm board, draw a 12 x 12 cm grid starting 3 cm from the top and 4.5 cm from the side. Drill each intersection with the drill bit. Sand the board and the holes.

2) Cut six 14 cm long pieces of dowel, then sand them.

3) On the two 30 x 10 cm boards, draw two marks 3 cm from the bottom and the side. Drill with the drill bit.

3 easy DIY for your plants

4) Place the boards in relation to each other, then draw marks to match the holes for the wood dowels. Drill with the drill bit. Apply the glue, then hammer in the dowels and assemble the box.

5) Paint the elements with the colors of your choice. Sand them between the 2 coats of paint.

DIY for plants n°3 : a corded shelf

This lightweight DIY shelf will look great with the minimalism of an exotic plant. Perfect for a small space or to bring greenery with discretion in an interior!

Materials needed to create these plant shelves:

– 1 oak board 20 x 100 and 20 mm thick

– 1 jar of white matte varnish for woodwork

– 3.40 m of ∅ 8 mm sisal rope

– 2 plants girls of the air

– 2 flat head nails of 45 mm and ∅ 4 mm

– Sandpaper (fine grain)

– Flat brush

– ∅ 10 mm wood drill bit

Steps to make these DIY plant shelves:

1) Using the tape measure and saw, cut a 40 cm board and a 50 cm board. Sand them.

2) Apply 2 coats of varnish with a brush. Let dry 2 hours between each application.

3) Cut 160 cm and 180 cm of sisal rope. With the short length of the rope, make a knot around one end of the small board, tighten it tightly. Repeat the operation on the other end of the board and on the second board.




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