DIY:14 Tips to Make a Beautiful Baby Picture

Want to decorate your home with a beautiful photo of your baby? Or simply offer your loved one a beautiful photo of your beautiful family?

Your attention is commendable and we would like to give you 14 tips to take a beautiful baby picture.

Whether it’s a newborn baby photo or a photo of your cute baby in the middle of a tea party, we all want to know how to capture our children’s most tender moments.

Potentially, you have older children and the photo result was not conclusive… Let us lead you through these tips to succeed your baby photoshoot or your 6 month old baby!

The development of the photos of your baby is so important because, indeed, it marks our memories. Nevertheless, no pressure to have before photographing your little girl or boy.

The photo as well as your shooting session will already be memorable for you and your baby. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to get a beautiful baby picture.

Just think about enjoying the moment and follow our tips and ideas to make your baby photo session even more successful.

 Make a Beautiful Baby Picture

14 Tips to take a beautiful baby picture

It is sometimes easier to follow some tips, get informed before a small photoshoot with your baby. Thus, you will have the impression to better manage your photo session.

The goal is to obtain an exceptional photo result for your child’s birth photos.

Baby photography is an art. An art to know how to tame your baby during his first weeks.

An art of putting everything in place to secure the shooting space if your baby is over 6 months old. He is starting to play around, isn’t he?

When taking pictures of a newborn, think about creating a zen-like, stress-free space. And why not some classical music in the background.

  1. Use natural light

It is true that to succeed in a pretty baby photo the natural light is the one to privilege. Whether it is for a baby photo shoot or for any photoshoot in general.

Also, consider choosing a time when daylight will be present in your home.

With the sun coming into the baby’s room, here’s a good hour after his nap to start the shoot. And a great cover photo idea for a birth photo album.

Also plan to have a fed baby, this will avoid potential crying.

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Natural light can also be captured in the shade, if you have a garden. We can imagine a nice photo on a green lawn with daisies blooming in spring. This is an original baby photo idea, don’t you think?

  1. Don’t use the flash

Let’s get straight to the point, don’t use the flash for your shoot with your baby. The flash would be way too aggressive.

If we adults find the flash very unpleasant and disruptive to our vision. Imagine the effect on your baby?

I hope I have convinced you not to use flash for your baby’s birth photos… When you print the photos of your day’s shooting, the result will be of better quality.

  1. Dress your baby in comfortable clothes

A beautiful baby picture is above all a happy baby so choose loose clothing. To make him comfortable, smiling or even when he is asleep, the choice of the right clothing is important for a photo session.

For the photo of your baby it is wisely recommended to wear a romper. It is a mixed garment, very easy to put on.

And thanks to the cute romper you can be sure that your baby photo will be too cute.

The baby carousels are also a very good option. You can find them in several fabrics and even in organic cotton, which allows you to get a stylish and eco-friendly baby picture.

  1. Don’t force poses or smiles

Taking pictures of a baby can be tedious, especially if we object to a particular pose… to have a good photoshoot, your baby will need to feel comfortable. So if he doesn’t smile in all the pictures, it’s not a big deal!

On the contrary, the more your baby displays a specific pout in his birth photo, the more successful the baby photoshoot will be.

It is a question of succeeding in taking a photo for a baby or a photo for you? In the end, the baby photos will be natural and sincere.

That’s the secret of a beautiful baby photo! We already imagine ourselves with the poster of our little baby’s smile in the living room, don’t you?

  1. Choose the moment when your baby will feel best

It’s easy to choose the right moment for a successful baby’s birth photo! When they are very small, babies are still very much influenced by meal breaks. So, choose a photo session after your baby’s bottle or feeding is over!

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For the newborns, the photo session of baby will thus take place when he will certainly be asleep.

  1. Photograph your baby in his universe

Nothing more beautiful than photographing a baby in his world. Thus, in your memories, thanks to the photo, each detail will remain. And for the older baby, he will be able to discover all the nice details that you had staged for him.

  1. Find the best angle to capture baby

Plan to take a few moments before the actual start of your shoot with a baby to visualize the spaces. This way you can find out what angle will be best for photographing the baby.

During your shooting, it will be interesting to test several angles. This is how you will find the most suitable style for your baby’s birth photo.

  1. Take a maximum of pictures of baby

We advise you to capture several moments during your photo session with your baby. Don’t take any chances on this detail. The more photos you have, the more choices you will have to find THE most beautiful birth photo of your child.

Sometimes, on our camera, we have the impression that our photo is of good quality and finally at the opening on the computer, this one reveals itself a little blurred. Or worse, with a little bit of our little finger!

The more photos there are, the more choices you will have! For the photo book of birth you could think of making the shooting!

  1. Vary the distances

This tip will allow you to compare your favorite baby photos.

A close-up can be an exceptional shot to capture a pretty smile when taking your daughter’s picture! Or successfully capture a mischievous wink from your little boy!

Varying distances will allow you to compare photos once on the computer. And choose with the multitude of captured moments which one will be the one that will make your birth photo, a perfect photo.

  1. Think of original and creative ideas for baby photos

How to take a beautiful baby photo original and creative here are some original and creative ideas for photos of your baby:

  • Disguise your baby as a little wolf or Mickey for an original and unusual session
  • Dress your little boy in a sailor suit if you are from Brittany for a nod to your origins
  • Think about involving big brothers and sisters during the session for a session full of hugs and kisses
  • Write your baby’s name by personalizing Styrofoam letters and paint them, then place the DIY letters around baby as a decoration
  • Create a fake square Styrofoam frame of 1mx1m and paint it in a pastel color. Then place your baby in the center for a chic Scandinavian effect
  • Put colored pennants around baby
  • Put a garland of small light and soft lanterns around your little one
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  1. But use a few examples like the ones below to inspire you

Take inspiration from the fabulous work of Anne Geddes, an internationally renowned Australian professional photographer. Known and recognized for her wonderful creative workaround birth photos.

Her baby photography work is based on creating unique worlds in which the baby is at the forefront. And in which the baby is perfectly integrated in the decor.

  1. Have fun with it!

A full photo session should be organized in a joyful and good mood. The more stressed out your baby is, the more likely you are to have a crying baby shoot.

So for a successful birth photo, think about this unique moment you will spend with your newborn.

The first days of a baby’s life can be an ordeal for young parents. Also, don’t hesitate to invite your best friend for the baby photoshoot.

  1. Don’t forget to edit the photos to improve the quality

Did your baby’s picture stay a little sad because of the bad weather? Remember to edit the photos you found your child so cute!

  1. Specific information to take a baby picture with a smartphone

I know that it is quite possible to take quality photos with your smartphone as long as it has a good resolution and you can twist it’s settings and design it a little bit.



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