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Felix Furniture was started in 2014 by a young couple who thought up, designed and created this new, bespoke furniture company.

Though Felix Furniture is a relatively recent business, it has a humble beginning that goes back 20 odd years.

Antonia Morrongiello, one of Felix furniture creators, would eagerly watch as a young girl as her father would build from scratch many pieces of furniture. He would be in the workshop every weekend creating something from nothing, each piece unique yet with the signature look that was Antonia's dad.

Soon enough every room of the family home had at least one of his handmade master pieces.
Antonia always being creatively inclined would watch along and help out where she could, learning techniques and ideas.
Antonia's father taught her the importance of creating something that was functional yet beautiful.

By the time Antonia was a teenager her father become ill with cancer, the furniture making slowed down and the tools began to gather dust.

A few years past and Antonia met Ian Anderson. Ian came to Australia from Scotland with a background in cabinet making and an enthusiasm to build practical solutions for everyday problems.

Ian and Antonia started a hobby of restoring old furniture together, Ian with his cabinet making skills would do the structural mending and Antonia with her interior design training would do all the painting and colour selections. Antonia's father in his frail state would come and sit down and watch Antonia and Ian work away in his workshop, using his old tools, giving tips and ideas on what to do next. This became a bond between the three of them and Antonia's dad became the go to man to run methods and ideas by.

Sadly a month before Felix Furniture was launched, Antonia's father passed away. He was such a strong influence on both Ian and Antonia's want to build furniture, he gave them opportunity to learn so much and gave them the head start by giving them his entire work shop to work from.

Though he is gone, we are still surrounded by his furniture and now this is a new generation of furniture making, one we hope that Felice or in English, Felix would be proud of.